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The Hotel Market Soars Up: Marriott Meets a Milestone, Leading Hotels Promote New Brands

Date: 2023-06-19

On June 15, Marriott International International Group announced the grand opening of the much anticipated Ritz Carlton Invisible Hotel in Risaigu. This is the 500th hotel opened by Marriott International in Greater China, marking an important milestone for the Group's development in China.

Since the first half of this year, international top hotel groups have taken rapid action. In addition to frequent landing and opening of new stores, new brand development seems to have entered a frenzy mode. According to incomplete statistics from Space Exploration, the total number of top six international hotel group brands has exceeded 160.

Six new brands added in half a year

A globally renowned international hotel group, growing from a specific cultural and historical background, with a deep understanding of business operations, shaping a classic brand with original taste, and then expanding the brand's commercial landscape through continuous acquisitions and mergers.

Since the beginning of this year, Toutou International Hotel Group has launched six new hotel brands.

In terms of Marriott, two new mid range permanent residency brands, Project MidX Studios and City Express by Marriott, have been launched.

Project MidX Studios currently does not have an official name, this is the name of the planned project. The brand will mainly focus on the United States and Canada in the future, with three hotels starting construction this year. The first store is planned to open in the second half of 2024 or the first half of 2025, and there is currently no news of expanding into other markets. It is mainly aimed at tenants who stay for more than 20 days, with a cost of around $80 per night.

City Express by Marriott was acquired from a Mexican hotel management company. Previously, the City Express brand had five sub brands: City Express, City Express Plus, City Express Suites, City Express Junior, and City Centro, with approximately 150 hotels under its umbrella and a good reputation in Latin America. The City Express brand portfolio includes the integration of all of it into the Marriott Travel Home travel plan in the future.

Hilton has launched high-end economy brand Spark by Hilton and long-term rental brand Project H3 this year. Spark by Hilton provides infrastructure, simple design, and prices range from around $85 to $100 per night. Spark by Hilton will mainly be transformed from other brands, with a single hotel size of 60-100 rooms; Project H3 offers light industrial style apartments and a super functional lobby called The Hive.

In terms of Accor, at the beginning of this year, a new mid to high end hotel brand called "Handwritten Collection" was launched. As a personalized selection hotel, it focuses on travelers who appreciate warm travel experiences and subvert traditional hospitality. At present, "Hanyue Pavilion" has signed contracts with a total of 12 hotels, totaling approximately 800 rooms, and is expected to gradually enter the market this year and next. among